DBS Online Application Process.

Candidate Information.

Please CLICK on the button below to start entering your details.  You will be taken into 6 simple steps. You will need your identification documents to hand. E.g Passport, Driving Licence etc…

Our system is ISO 27001 accredited, linking with the Home Office and Ministry of Justice. You can be confident that your information is 100% safe.

Please be aware that your session will expire after 15 minutes of page inactivity and your progress will not be saved.

Our system allows tracking of your application from start to end.

Candidate Validation.

Once you have finished entering your details by clicking link below, Servis Personnel will receive a notification.

We will then confirm all the details are correct and validate them against the proof of identity and address documents we hold for you on our systems. If everything checks out we shall submit your application for DBS checks and if we have any queries we will be in touch.

We aim to process your DBS application within 24 hours of receiving it from the online submission.

DBS Workflow.

It is our company policy to conduct enhanced DBS checks on all candidates for both adult and children roles. DBS processing takes on average 8 weeks but can be shorter or longer depending on certain circumstances. It goes through 4 main stages but could be subject to further checks if there is need.

These stages are

  1. Police National Computer (PNC)
  2. Children & Adults Barred Lists
  3. Local Police Force (LPF)
  4. Certificate Printing

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How much is it to process an Enhanced DBS check ?

A: £55 payable in advance to the office

Q: Can I use my DBS Certificate with another employer ?

A: This is down to the employer and what role it is to be used for but generally, you can only use a DBS we process for you with another employer if you subscribe to the Update Service. The subscription cost £13 per year and will make your DBS live so an employer can check if the DBS information remains current. This also means, so long as you keep up your annual subscription, we will not have to process a new DBS again for you.

Q: Is there need to retain my DBS Certificate once I have the update service ?

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